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Body/Mind Learning: The Improvement is Transformative

What they learn...

Easier movement, with less effort, fewer injuries and better connection to themselves and their surroundings.

Shortly into my running career, I began having IT band problems... Nearly a 1 1/2 years later, I met Scott Forrester.. We did a few Awareness exercises together and he showed me how to properly land without heel striking. Ahhh, so much time and money wasted on other methods! After practicing my lessons for a couple of weeks, the IT pain went away and has not returned in nearly two years. I didn't think it was possible. Thank you Scott! You work miracles!":). Bethany

Thanks Bethany but learning is the true miracle!

More personal ease:

"I learned how to run simpler with my current body, and how to flow with movement one step at a time." (Jordyan, PT student) 


Beyond ease, efficiency and running economy you can access the truly powerful parts of yourself.  This means runner smoother, faster and with less fatigue. The body and  the mind are one and accessing your true power translates to more personal power also.

"My awareness of the balance of alignment and fluidity as related to running has been greatly increased through the lessons, videoing and discussion. The learning occurs at a body level not a cognitive level so I noticed immediate integration and change with the experience. I think this course is going to really help my running for fitness and enjoyment."(Nicki- Occupational Therapist)

Body/Mind learning is the key to achieving our goals, and clarifying and realizing our dreams.


"I learned new progressions I will be adding to my form drills and workouts. I can already feel improvements in my efficiency, my main goal in triathlons." (From S.C. a Tri athlete)

 Your goals involve a step by step process, your dreams involve a process of going from imagination to implementation – I have found body/mind learning to be essential in creating new realities in my life – Scott

I speak as one who is in this age group. This demographic is now between 50 and 68 years old. We represent a large segment of the country’s population. I believe we have special needs, and a special calling.  Wisdom is traditionally attributed to this age group. It produces many presidents and leaders. Elders are greatly respected in some cultures, though not necessarily industrialized cultures. It is our job to change the perception of the elders back to it’s rightful place. Everyone can benefit from body/mind learning but it is this age group who has the life experience to be more inclined to appreciate the learning process involved. To have the most enjoyable and fulfilled life we must make up for what we lack in youth with what we have learned.

Having lived for decades longer than others, we must use the learning process to make up for a lifetime of accumulated injury, older bodies, repetitive stress, nutritional lack, and inappropriate movement, and training habits. We have need for greater awareness, of being mentored, and of becoming mentors. He have need to be examples to the next generation of the way to live a full life and be connected to our bodies and the world. We have need to express ourselves, enjoy ourselves, and find security. We have need to teach to other generations how to find security in themselves in a quickly changing world.  Security both personal and financial is based on self knowledge. Mind/Body learning is the key. And “movement is life”. The key to all of these is Body/Mind learning.  Download the free e- book The Runners Body/Mind and in just a few minutes you can be introduced to a few transcendent running lessons that will clarify the difference between walking and running and unite the concepts of thinking and acting and achieving your dreams.  Thanks

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